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The recover circuitry is straightforward. It is simply a preamplifier with flat frequency response over the range of interest. The transducer output voltages will be in the range of 1 to 5 millivolts when the unit is driven at the nominal current level. The following are points to consider when designing recovery amplifiers.

1. Since the output transducers is also essentially inductive, output impedance increases with frequency. Amplifier input impedance should be high enough to prevent premature roll off in the frequency range of interest (i.e., the 10,000 ohm coil appears as 60,000 ohm source at 6kHz).

2. As with all low level audio circuits, care should be exercised with the circuit design and grounding techniques. Accutronics offers all combinations of input and output insulated and non-insulated phono jack connectors, for any grounding scheme. The best system, and the most applicable, is to insulate both the input and output from the chassis, grounding the chassis separately.